In 2020 we set a goal to provide you with 12 great Blogs giving you information about all sorts of topics near and dear to the most people. Every day we are asked many of the same questions as the Baby Boomers deal with estates of their parents and grandparents as well as their own. One of those subjects we often get numerous inquiries about is Estate Jewelry. Our own Dealer Karin Jelsma purchases a nice variety of jewelry including Turquoise, Sterling, some gold and costume jewelry. But like all things, we believe it's important to direct people to other professionals when necessary. So this month, we at North Star Antiques are pleased to share this information from Cliff Yankovich of Chimera Designs. Cliff has been in the Fine jewelry business for 23 years, 18 of which has been in business right here in Lowell Michigan. He is a 1998 GIA Diamond's Graduate. We hope you find this information as useful as we do and we hope this blog will be a great source of information for you in 2020.

- Tonia North, North Star Antiques

What To Know About Buying/Selling Estate Jewelry

January 22, 2020    Selling Your Estate Jewelry The first thing we tell anyone who inherits jewelry - be it a little or a lot - DO NOT TOSS ANYTHING OUT! We have seen too many instances where people mistake the real thing for costume...

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Selling Antiques & Collectibles in your Garage Sale

Two of the most common mistakes people make when selling their antiques and collectibles in a garage sale is overpricing them and underpricing them.  I know it sounds contradictory but since garage sale season is upon us, I thought it was an...

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Top 5 Tips For Dispersing Estate Antiques and Collectibles

Losing a loved one or family member can be a very difficult and stressful time. Often those feelings can elevate to a level of high anxiety, especially when that person has an estate that needs to managed. Often times the estate can be so...

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Passing on what really matters this Mother’s Day

I had a conversation with my youngest the other day that shocked me a little bit.  He is 15, the youngest of four, and I realized he knew NOTHING about his grandparents; neither my parents nor my husbands parents.  It was particularly shocking...

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In The Beginning….

Let me start with the intent of my blog and the goals I hope to reach.  Each and everyone of us have things common. One commonality we share is the simple fact that one day we will eventually decide that we have “things” to donate or sell....

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