Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you buy or consign Antiques?

Yes - we do both. We have multiple dealers and some specialize in certain areas. We buy things from postcards to furniture. We also consider consignment for the right items but often prefer to buy items outright if we can agree on price.

We have items to sell. What is the best way to go about doing this?

Generally the best way is a quick phone call or email to see if one of our dealers may be interested in what you have. Photographs are most helpful and can be shared by email or text. Appointments are preferred to walk-ins and we ask that you please consider our time with the quantity you bring in. Ideally we hope that you arrive knowing what you'd like for your pieces so we don't spend too much time. It's always suggested that you put together a small box or two at a time to. We love buying in small lots. Rarely are we able to sell 100% of what we buy and we can't always know what will or won't sell.

We have my Grandmothers (Mothers, Aunt's) China. Do you buy them?

Any items value depends on if /who is buying them. Certain items have demand while others do not. Often this depends on the popularity or eye catching pattern. We are in a period of baby boomers downsizing so there are more goods for sale than buyers causing values to decline. In some instances, we suggest donations or finding a younger relative to pass them on to.

My Grandmother has some really old things for sale so they must be valuable aren't they?

No. Age does NOT determine value. Collectibility or the market determines this. You may have Grandma's 1800's dishes, but if today's buyers aren't educated and value those items, their age doesn't matter. Value is FIRST determined by 'will somebody buy this'. If you have doubts, ask. But if these items are chipped or cracked, they hold little to no value and we suggest donation.

Do you Appraise Antiques?

We are not professional appraisers. Professional appraisers are certified and can give values for insurance companies. We may be able to help you determine approximate retail value. However, these values are fluid just as the market is. Their may be a small fee if you require a lot of assistance and are not looking to actually sell your item.

Do you rent Space?

Yes we do. We have an Estate Room that is designed for customers who are downsizing. This room is limited to rent for 1-2 months. However, if you are a professional dealer, and would like to rent space and be part of our team, you can check with us and be put on a list if space is available. We also rent showcases or sections of showcases.

No. Because of the nature of our unique items, and multiple dealers and consignors that are paid for their items promptly, we do not accept returns.