In The Beginning….

Let me start with the intent of my blog and the goals I hope to reach.  Each and everyone of us have things common. One commonality we share is the simple fact that one day we will eventually decide that we have “things” to donate or sell.  These things may be our own, or perhaps things from distant family members and our dearest loved ones; siblings, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. Regardless, you will likely one day be faced with this challenge.  Some of those items may be old, collectible or even qualify as an Antique. Some of the things may be new items, perhaps just not your style, ever. Either way, I do hope I can help you find a solution for said “things” when the time comes.

Since the loss of my mother and father over 20 years ago, I have been a student of managing and selling “things”’ from the estates of families.  Many of these things include but are not limited to collectibles and antiques. I will be sharing the trials and tribulations of being that person who manages, determines the worth, and then sells a loved ones things.  I first start with a clear understanding what “Dealer-Seller” means. (Disclaimer: I am NOT an “Expert” in Antiques. This is a broad category. I specialize in buying and selling vintage postcards. ( I DO specialize in Vintage Postcards). The antique market is wide and deep and has a variety of categories at many levels. have been and I continue to be a student of the market I work in. I research and learn daily.  I expect to learn as much from my readers as they will from me.

The ultimate goal is to help educate and prepare my readers, and use my guidance to help make the best decisions with “things” when the time cones.  I hope you will enjoy this journey as much as I hope to. Some topics will range from downsizing your current estate, estate dispersal tips, and how to care for your furniture, antiques and collectibles.

Nobody knows every thing about everything, so I hope to have some “guest” bloggers or talented people to interview along the way.  I may also use this blogging method to answer frequently asked questions.