Remember History With Vintage Postcards

Remember History With Vintage Postcards

Go Back in Time with Vintage Postcards in Lowell, Michigan

North Star Antiques possesses one of the most popular worldwide collection of vintage postcards with over 20,000 different subjects. The fact is, we buy, sell, collect, and obsess over our postcards.

Whether you are a new collector or a serious seasoned collector, the selection at North Star is certain to mesmerize you. We carry postcards that start at $1.00 to over $100's of dollars. From real photos, state views, holidays, political to topicals, you won't find a nicer or larger selection in West Michigan. Our selection features some of the nicest Santa Claus and Halloween Postcards in the area, in any price range. In addition, our postcards are sorted making it much easier for you to locate what you are looking for. Our staff is knowledgeable and can help you find what you're looking for. But if traveling to Lowell, Michigan isn't in your near future, you can also shop some of nicest postcards online 24-7 because we have over 4000 vintage postcards listed on Ebay and Rubylane.

Here is a quick overview of what we carry:

Holiday Postcards
North Star Antiques carries some of these top sellers:


  • Christmas postcards including Santa Claus, Angels and more!
  • Halloween postcards Including artists and publishers like Ellen Clapsaddle, Samuel Schmucker, Francis Brundage, John Winsch, Raphael Tuck, Whitney, Nash and more!
  • Easter postcards from Chicks and bunny rabbits to religious. Easter is our second largest selection behind Christmas! And we have boxes of dollar Easter postcards.
  • Patriotic postcards include Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Decoration Day and Presidents!

We also have a great selection of Thanksgiving, New Year's, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day postcards.

State Views

  • North Star offers a great selection of all 50 states.
  • Michigan is our largest selection.
  • We also carry foreign postcards.
  • We have a great selection of dollar cards.

Topical Postcards
Our store carries a large selection of topical postcards. Artist signed, railroad, automobiles, animals, motorcycles, Black Americana, ships, Disney, lighthouses, Indians, covered bridges, florals, famous people, western, national parks, and so much more!

Specialty Postcards
Ever popular Hold to the Light, postcards, silk, booklets, and mechanicals can also be found with little effort!



Postcard collecting is currently the third largest collectible hobby in the world. Worldwide, it is surpassed only by coin and stamp collecting. The popularity of post cards can be credited to their broad subject appeal. Almost any subject imaginable has been, at some time, portrayed on a postcard. Art, Cowboys, town views, children, animals, cars, ships, Indians & holidays. It isn't always the view on the card but also the historic writing on the back that is often the most interesting. Sometimes providing a two-for-one experience in history!


Unlike some collectible hobbies, postcards have images that are often reproduced and used on products we use today. These images can be found on things from wrapping papers, greeting cards, to scrap booking products and fabrics. One of our customers even sells chocolate bar greeting cards; they use images from old postcards, embellish them and wrap them around wonderful Belgium chocolate. YUM!

However, most collectors simply enjoy their postcards for both their history and artistic value. They are miniature art. Some collectors place their cards in acid free safe binders while others find ways to display their collection. You can frame them or put them in hard sleeves and display them around your other favorite collectibles or Antiques. Place them in a protective sleeve and put them under glass on a coffee table. Postcards are also a great way to decorate for any holiday. At Christmas time, we display Christmas postcards in a variety of ways including making them into ornaments by hanging them on a tree using a protective sleeve and clips. A bonus is that unlike most collections or decorations, storage space is minimal with postcards.


The very broad subject appeal that makes them such a popular collectible is what makes them a great gift idea. Many of my customers have discovered that giving an old postcard can be as fun as collecting them. Postcards can fit with any budget since they usually start around $1 Each. Folks are often enchanted by old views of the towns they grew up in or visited. Slip them inside a birthday or christmas card, frame them, or put them in a hard sleeve with a refrigerator magnet. You can also pick a postcard featuring something that they already collect or value. The friend whom has a Harley Davidson will most certainly get a kick out of an old postcard featuring one of the first ones made! Or watch somebody's eyes light up or smile from ear to ear when you give them a postcard that looks like their favorite pet. If those ideas aren't enough, vintage holiday postcards are universal and appreciated by anyone! Christmas and winter scenes are great decorations like displaying a nice Santa Claus or snowman. Postcard collecting is not only broad in topics, it crosses all generations. Young children to the elderly will enjoy the beauty and historic value of these cards. Many of our postcards are nearly 100 years old. Their is something truly amazing about their beauty and longevity. Reading the hand written notes on the back, knowing they have survived a century in a world that is often moving too fast.

As we mentioned above, we have over 4,000 vintage postcards online allowing you to shop 24/7. And we also ship anywhere in the United States for FREE!

Check out our listings here:

Rubylane - We sell holiday and topical starting at $5 each!
Ebay - We sell all varieties of postcards starting at $3 each!

Get in touch with us today to ask about a type of postcard you're looking for, or visit our store to look through our postcard and stamp collections.

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